Keeping fit on a budget

Written by Tanya Puk.

Are you a student who wants to exercise but cant afford the costly gym membership? Fear no longer. Here are the five top tips of exercising on a budget.

Photo: Oleg Klementiev
Photo: Oleg Klementiev

1)     Get some fresh air and go for a run– One of the beauties of living in Lincoln is that although you are in the city, the countryside is not too far away. Take a run around the common or down the Brayford and embrace that fresh air.

2)     Do a home workout– If toning your body is what you want to achieve, invest in some dumbbell’s and an exercise mat to make your own home gym. With these you can do loads of different exercises that can tone your legs, arms, shoulders and core.

3)     Fitness DVDs– Fitness DVDs are not hard to find, and there are plenty to choose from (and cheap online). No matter what your fitness goal is there is sure to be a DVD out there that helps you achieve it.

4)     Blogilaties– Blogilaties is a free online site which has many different exercise videos made by fitness instructor and POP pilates creater, Cassey Ho. There is even healthy eating recipes and a workout calendar you can follow.

5)     Play a sport– Taking up a new sport is an excellent way to stay fit and to keep sociable. The university has a variety of different sport societies available for you to join. But if you don’t want to do that then there are recreational sports you can play at the universities gym such as badminton and basketball.

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