Mono Boutique: inside and out

Written by Shamie Chirimuuta.

As the first independent boutique on The Strait, Mono Boutique has paved the way as an example of both a popular and successful brand. With its cobbled street surroundings and quirky interior, the shop is an appealing destination for the style-conscious students of Lincoln.

The interior of Mono Boutique. Photo: Shamie Chirimuuta

The kooky brand was established 10 years ago by Rebecca Shipton, who drew inspiration from one of the UK’s most popular and influential fashion buying events: Pure London. Rebecca, founder and buyer for Mono Boutique, continues to attend the prestige buying event as well as adapting and incorporating other popular trends.

“She’s got a gift,” said Carol, Rebecca’s mother. “She can go in a showroom, and she can pick things out very quickly.”

Being a small boutique means the ability to adapt and change is even more important. Thus, Rebecca buys “little and often, to keep the shop fresh”. As well as a weekly stock update, Mono Boutique aims to attract the specific market of teens to 30-year-olds as a way of keeping the style definitive and current.

Carol said: “When she designed the shop she wanted it to be a bit different.” The interiors certainly reflect this desire, with a curved glass-encrusted counter, retro furniture and a vintage telephone. Being different and unique, whilst keeping up with popular trends, allows the small boutique to compete with High Street rivals.

In such a student-orientated location, Mono Boutique understands the importance of engaging with young shoppers by promising a “friendly atmosphere and affordable prices”. Students also receive a discount of 10% on purchases with a valid ID.

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