Sausage Festival sizzles to success

Written by Catherine Talbot.

Lincolnshire Sausages Photo: Mark Brewer
Lincolnshire Sausages Photo: Mark Brewer

The Lincolnshire sausage festival thrives for its 11th year as thousands gather to celebrate in a beautiful setting.

The castle grounds hosted a busy atmosphere as people arrived throughout the day to support the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia’s annual Sausage Festival.

The Rotary Club began the event with just seven stalls, as a way to bring the community together and raise some money for charity. Funds this year go to ‘Kids Out’ a charity supporting disadvantaged children.

Eleven years later the festival has grown massively, this year hosting a magnificent fifty three stalls.

The club president, Henry Ruddock said “The festival is such a happy day! It promotes Lincolnshire produce and really brings the community together.”

This year the festival brought a variety of local produce including cheese, bread, vegetables and, of course, sausages. There was something for all ages, with great food and great entertainment such as that from TV chef, Rachel Green.

‘The Cosmic Sausages’ joined the festival for their tenth time and thrilled the audience with their performances of classics such as ‘Jolene’.  Simon Palmer a member of the band said “The festival has become a tradition for us; we’ve really enjoyed watching it grow.”

The Cosmic Sausages Photo: Mark Brewer
The Cosmic Sausages Photo: Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer the organiser of the event hopes this year’s sausage celebrations will be even bigger than last years, after selling over 25,000 sausages! The festival took a lot of planning and hard work from the volunteers; Mark said “The planning for next year’s festival starts tomorrow!”

The fantastic atmosphere brought families from all over the country and provided a great day out for all.

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