Spooky skeleton make up tutorial

Written by Brigid Farrell.

Halloween is here, meaning it’s time to put on our costumes and paint our faces to deliver the fear factor. As a student, Halloween might be more about the parties than the candy, but who doesn’t still love dressing up?

This skeleton tutorial is fairly simple and doesn’t require much skill or a big budget.

Skeleton collage
Step-by-step skeleton tutorial. Photo: Brigid Farrell

What you will need:

  • White and black face paint – most of the major supermarkets are selling Halloween paints for next to nothing
  • Face crayons in black and white
  • Mascara
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Dark cherry red lipstick
  • A contour shade – anything cool toned will work be it eye shadow,blush or a specific contour shade
  • Two make up sponges
  • A thick paintbrush, a fine paintbrush and a contour/blush brush

1.) Apply white face paint all over your face, lips and neck with one of the sponges.  Depending on the quality of your face paint, you might need a couple of coats.

2.) Next, apply the contour shade to the hollows of your cheeks with the contour/blush brush. Really exaggerate this step to create shadows.

3.) With the black crayon paint, add outlines around the nose and eyes. Create bone shapes around the side of the face and fill in with black face paint using the other sponge and a paintbrush.

4.) Using a liquid liner, draw on cracks where you like and neaten up the outlines.

5.) Mix the red lipstick with a little black paint and put on the lips and under the eyes.

6.) With the liquid liner, paint on the teeth, then curl lashes and add a coating of mascara.

Hey presto – done and ready to scare!

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