Dress without stress

Written by Shamie Chirimuuta.

Transition your outfit from casual wear to a night look with four simple steps.

As a student, the task of finding something to wear for a night out can be tedious – particularly if you’re in a rush. We all have those times when our favourite go-to outfit is dirty or we’re feeling fashionably uninspired.

An easy way to solve this problem is just by adapting a daytime outfit using these four simple tips!

A transitional look. Photo: Shamie Chirimuuta


1) The skirt – If you’re already wearing a skirt, tuck in your top for a more formal look. Whether a bodycon or a skater skirt, the high-waisted look is always perfect for a night out.

2) The shoes – Trading casual flats for statement heels is the easiest way to vamp up an everyday outfit. A practical alternative to stumbling about in killer heels is wearing boots. Cut-out boots with a small heel work just as well with any night outfit, and are much more forgiving on the ankles!

3) The bag – Although a necessity during the day, bags can be less than convenient on a night out. Swapping your everyday bag for a showy clutch immediately makes an outfit more dressy and appropriate for outings. Also, if you’re going for a monochrome ensemble, having a bright clutch is the perfect way to add some colour.

4) The details – Little extras can often make or break an outfit. Anything ranging from the time-consuming act of curling your hair, to simply adding a statement jewellery piece can liven up a casual outfit and make it fit for the evening.

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