Lincoln Rugby League just miss out

Written by Bronwyn Harding

Almost heartbreakingly, The University of Lincoln Rugby League team just missed out of a victory on Wednesday, away to Oxford Brookes.


In what was a match that was played end to end, both teams played strong against each other, with tries scored on both sides, one replying to the other.

Lincoln swans were close, but not quite close enough.

Lincoln started off strong, with Rob Law scoring their first try, nipping into the far corner. Brookes retaliated with another try.

However, the Swans replied with a fast paced try from Liam Riley. Again, unfortunately, Oxford Brookes got past Lincoln’s defence and scored.

But Lincoln replied once more with a try from James Carroll, bringing the score up to Oxford Brookes 12 – 14 Lincoln. Oxford replied with another try, and going into the second half, Lincoln were trailing by two points.

The second half did not seem to be going Lincoln’s way, with a number of errors resulting in two more tries from Oxford Brookes.

It did seem that Lincoln weren’t going to get any better, yet with 30 minutes to go, Alex Jones scored a quick and nifty try which was then converted by the captain, Conor Maclellan.

All Lincoln needed was one more try to stay level with Brookes, and they got one. Again, fast reactions helped and Josh Kelly scored, bringing the score to Oxford Brookes 26 – 24 Lincoln.

Everyone was starting to think that it was possible that Lincoln would score again, as they were commanding play. Quick play resulted in Rob Law’s second try of the match on the far right wing. Almost extraordinarily, Lincoln were winning, in the last 5 minutes of play. It was a comeback to be reckoned with.

Lincoln’s luck was about to run out, with one of their players sent off for reportedly gouging someone’s eyes, and a couple of errors left the space open for Oxford Brookes to score and win 30 – 28.

Too many errors gave Brookes the chance to score, a lot of improvement is needed from Lincoln as they travel to play Oxford (University of) on Wednesday. But it was a very exciting match, all the supporters (including myself) got very emotional at the end! (Should have won).

Match highlights

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