Seasonal scents

Written by Annalisa Johnson.

If you are a perfume lover, you will understand that discovering the perfect scent is a bit like finding the right outfit for a night out. It takes thought, care and consideration. With that in mind, here are my five favourite perfumes that I am loving this season.

Annalisa Johnson perfume
The perfumes. Photo: Annalisa Johnson.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique

This fragrance is not only known for its smell, but also for its bottle. Taking inspiration from the female body, the scent is cased inside a corsetted torso.

The elegant perfume is unashamedly floral and feminine too, with a delicious mix of ylang ylang, orange blossom and rose all entwined, creating an exotic sensual smell.

Once the perfume begins to dry, then the vanilla musk and amber set in. Wearing this perfume in the evening is ideal as the longevity of the scent lasts long into the dark romantic night.


There is only really one word for COCO by CHANEL – iconic. It’s elegant, classy and has a true Oriental scent.

It’s a citrus smell with top notes from mandarin, jasmine, rose and peach. It is also fabulously sweet and encased in a simple yet swan- like bottle. The lasting smells of vanilla, saddle wood and Tonka bean leave you feeling empowered.

This is my night perfume, perfect for that first date.

Prada – Infusion D’Iris

Prada’s ‘Infusion D’Iris’ is a fresh, light smell starting with a hint of citrus, orange blossom and of course iris.

Once the top notes start to disappear then the deep iris emerges with a rush of galbanum and incense, turning into a soft musky perfume. Prada Infusion D’Iris is earthy and can be worn anywhere, any time.

This isn’t a sexy, sultry scent – this perfume is the personification of delicate.

 Dolce and Gabbana – The One

‘The One’ is encased  in a lavish gold bottle. It is warm with a passionate sensuality of defiance.

The top notes of bergamot, mandarin and lychee present itself in a beautiful, exotic and warm aroma. At the heart of this stunning perfume lies the lily. A smell so sweet, so floral, you could almost taste the honey.

Once all ingredients of this perfume blossom, what is left lingering on your skin is the musky tones of vanilla and amber.

Zara – Zara Black

This is a fabulous scent for those late winter evenings. Similar to other perfumes in the Zara range, it is feminine elegance in a bottle.

The woody vanilla tone of cinnamon combined with the fruity citrus orange creates a musky scent that lingers.

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  1. Ruth Fanshaw says:

    I like the sound of the ‘Infusion D’Iris’ best. :)