University in new partnership to improve cancer support

Written by Michael Walker.

A brand new partnership has been agreed between the University of Lincoln and Macmillan Cancer Support which will see many benefits. 

Professor Sara Owen (left) from the University and Juliet Bouverie from Macmillan.
Professor Sara Owen (left) from the University and Juliet Bouverie from Macmillan.
The agreement will see the university work with Macmillan to aid the effort in improving care and support for those affected by cancer in the Lincolnshire area.

The partnership will officially launch for the students of Lincoln between March and April. Macmillan development manager Kathy Blythe said:

“We’re going to be organising an event in March to April next year to launch the partnership for the students. It’s a good opportunity for students to get a feel for what Macmillan are about which is the care and support of cancer survivorship.”

Macmillan relies on fundraising for financial income, and being in partnership with the university will help get students involved in volunteering as well as participation in events to raise funds for the charity.

Ms Blythe said: “The partnership is a great opportunity for students to gain experience in volunteering with the organization which could lead to more opportunities that will look great on their CV.”

“There are so many events that students can get involved in including races and the three peaks challenge.”

The partnership agreement will see the university’s Centre for Professional Development teach new accredited training courses to healthcare professionals as well as research collaborations between the university and Macmillan.

Research will focus on social care in cancer survivors and the link between cancer and the growing problem of public health inequalities. Ms Blythe said: “Research will help to bolster the university’s recognition.”

Macmillan has been nominated for Vice Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart’s Charity of the Year. If selected, the university will hold fundraising efforts focusing on the charity.

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