World renowned engineering expert comes to university

Written by Rachael Lowes.

Professor Timothy Gordon, expert in automotive engineering, who helped develop the latest technology in vehicle safety has been appointed Head of Engineering at the University of Lincoln.

The University of Lincoln's Engineering Building. Photo: University of Lincoln
The University of Lincoln's Engineering Building. Photo: University of Lincoln
Professor Gordon moves to the University after ten years at the University of Michigan and working with the US Department of Transportation.

His research has provided cutting-edge systems for driver assistance, semi-automated and fully automated functions, focussing largely on crash avoidance.

Speaking at a meeting with the University of Lincoln, Professor Gordon said:

“Vehicle safety is not just about reducing injury after or during a crash, but doing whatever can be done to prevent the crash in the first place.”

Professor Gordon has both academic and industry experience as Ford Professor of Automotive Engineering and Head of Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering at LoughboroughUniversity.

He hopes to establish Lincoln as a centre of excellence for research into the future of ‘intelligent vehicles.’

The University of Lincoln already conducts ground-breaking research in areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence within the Schools of Engineering and Computer Science and Professor Gordon states that he wants to push his research into intelligent engineering further with the University.

Professor Gordon said: “I want to push my research further, whereby a vehicle can actually take full control in critical situations. The current generation of cars are completely blind to the world around them.”

“The next generation will know where they are and what the various risks are. In dangerous situations they will be better placed than human drivers to take control and avoid crashing.”

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