Dead animals found in Brayford Pool

Written by Sam Johnson.

A baby deer and a sheep were pulled out of the Brayford Pool this afternoon.

Harbour Master Keith van Bergen was notified of the dead livestock in the mid morning when the deer was spotted between 2 barges.

The Brayford Pool. Photo: Tom Larken

 “The animals are more than likely victims of the floods and have been washed upstream from the River Witham” commented Mr van Bergen.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The photo at the bottom is a picture of the dead sheep.

Deers are relatively common within the rivers around Lincolnshire due to the deer crossings in Saxilby, however Mr van Bergen says that sheep are less likely to be found.

“I’ve been the Harbour Master now for three years and this is the first sheep I’ve seen come out of here.”

Patrick Ford, a slaughter-man from GW Ford Gainsborough, was contacted by Mr van Bergen to remove the animals. After spending approximately 20 minutes trying to remove the sheep from the pool, the carcass was pulled out by the removal truck.

“We see this on a day to day basis particularly when there’s been heavy rain” explained Mr Ford. The animals will now be incinerated.

The carcass of the dead sheep pulled out of the Brayford Pool today. Photo: Sam Johnson

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