Hair tutorial: three steps to volume

Written by Lauren Farmer.

Flat hair that just sits on your head can be a frustrating problem. Finding the right balance between using enough product to make a difference, whilst not overloading it can be infuriating. But a routine that begins in the shower, combined with effective yet lightweight products can transform your hair and give it the bounce you want.

Volumising hair products. Photo: Lauren Farmer

Step one: washing

Whilst some people may argue that shampoo is merely there to clean your hair, it really is beneficial to use one that adds volume. Charles Worthington’s Volume and Bounce shampoo and conditioner (Both RRP £5.99) enriched with collagen plumps up hair, making it a great way to start the process of achieving thicker looking locks. It adds volume without weighing your hair down, and it also has a heat protecting conditioning complex to prevent hair from drying out.

Step two: blow drying

Before you start drying your hair, use a blow dry lotion like John Frieda’s Root Booster (RRP £5.99) which lifts volume at the crown. Unlike mousses which can be quite heavy, this lightweight lotion can be used after every wash. When applying this, make sure that you only spray it into the roots, ensuring that all layers of your hair are covered for the maximum benefit. Once you start drying your hair, begin with your roots and blow dry upwards to create a lift that will set.

Step three: styling

When styling your hair, begin by teasing the roots with a cheap yet useful comb such as the Boots Salon Performance Styling Comb (RRP £2.59). To backcomb, take a section of hair and comb through in the direction of the top of your head from your ears upwards. Although this shouldn’t be done every day as it will damage the hair, it is an effective way of generating extra lift. And finally, to maintain your full-bodied style, use Umberto Giannini’s Root Boost Volume Spray For Big Hair (RRP £5.49) to keep your hair looking volumous.

One Response to Hair tutorial: three steps to volume

  1. Melanie says:

    Try using the karmin g3 salon pro blow dryer. Its ionic tecnology helps a lot to give the hair tons of volume and make it shine. It ends up looking spectacular!