Linc Beauty: Makeup for a night out

 Written by Jess Watt.

For me, the best part of going out in Lincoln has always been the ‘getting ready’ part. For nights out, I think every girl wears a bit more make up and I’m exactly the same.

My make up routine is based entirely on the products I have, which varies as I’m always spending a small fortune trying out new products.

I don’t claim to be a makeup expert, these are just the tips I’ve picked up over the years, seen by watching far too many beauty vlogs and from my sister who always has fantastic products and tips…

Jess Watt
A selection of some of the products mentioned. Photo: Jess Watt

The face

  • I always start off with a clean face and use a moisturiser with a thick consistency to help my make up stay on my face throughout the night. I really like Botanics skincare and its great value for money.
  • Once my moisturiser has absorbed, I use Benefit’s ‘the POREfessional’. This primer minimizes the appearance of your pores and gives you super silky skin.
  • For a night out, I always contour. Contouring is a technique that shapes your face and highlights your features you want highlighting. Taking a really light concealer, wherever I want to highlight I apply, then taking my current foundation I blend it all together using a makeup sponge or foundation brush.
  • Using a concealer, I dab this under my eyes using my finger. I was once told that the heat from your finger helps blending, avoiding a concealer crease under your eye.
  • It’s then time for powder. Taking a big powder brush I swipe all over my face, which will set your make up.
  • With my ‘Hoola’ Benefit bronzer, I brush this over my cheek bones and over my forehead. Taking my Benefit ‘Bella Bamber’ blusher, I do exactly the same but only sweep this over my cheekbones.
  • To finish, I use Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ complexion enhancer over my cheek bones giving a dewy glow.

The eyes

  • Use a eyelash curler helps to open up your eyes – I also find this helps me when applying my mascara.
  • Now for mascara! And lots of it. From an early ag,e I was taught the importance on spending that a little extra on my mascara. I find cheaper products don’t stay on for as long as ones I spend a bit more on.
  • I normally finish by pencilling in my eyebrows, sometimes I sweep a gold/brown colour eye shadow of my eyelids and finish with a lipgloss or lipstick, outfit pending. The lipstick I’m obsessed with at the moment is L’Oreal Paris’s Privee in Barely Pink, it gives a really soft shine to your lips and smells amazing. 

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