Linc Style: go grunge

Before you pack away your tartan and slouchy jumpers – stop! Grunge is here to stay, so hang on to your inner 90s kid for another season.

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As the spring fashion lines are emerging in store as I type, take note of the key hero pieces needed to nail this trend. Think plaid shirts, crop tops and scrunchies.  Channel rock icons such as Courtney Love – that’s the former Mrs Kurt Cobain to the unaware out there.

Though the winter months may be behind us now, we’re stuck in that awkward fashion-limbo between extreme lows and highs weather-wise. Instead of letting this get you down, use it as an excuse to shop.

Army boots, chunky cut-out heels and Chelsea boots can still finish off an outfit, whilst we wait for the few days a year when sandals are dusted off for the brief British summer. Also, experiment with denim, be it acid washed or ripped – the more distressed, the better.

Don’t forget beanies – perfect for an excuse not to waste time styling your hair, or great if you’re in a rush to meet friends.

Ultra-affordable Missguided are a great source of grunge-y pieces online, but to be authentically retro, consider car boot sales for cheap one-offs or stores like New Look or Urban Outfitters.

Don’t be afraid to borrow a male friend’s shirt either, as when tucked into ‘Mom’ jeans with a pair of Dr. Martens or Timberland’s on, it creates the ultimate casual look.

For inspiration, look to Britain’s current queens of grunge – think Rita Ora, Fearne Cotton and fashion’s current favourite Cara Delevigne.

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