Vintage fairs “just keep getting better”

Written by Brigid Farrell.

It looks as if vintage fashion is here to stay with the likes of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie often adding quirky items to their outfits. With the rise of TV shows such as Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge, it is clear that as a nation we are in love with the past.

The Fair on a previous occasion. Photo: Judy's Affordable Vintage


This month Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair is returning to Lincoln’s Engine Shed. Get ready to dive into the treasure trove of fashion pieces and when you need a rest, there’s even a decadent vintage tea party with dainty cupcakes, delicious brownies and tea served in beautiful tea pots – a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Founded by ex-Selfridges personal shopper Judy Berger, the fairs were born in 2005 and have since gone from strength to strength with regular fairs all over the country. They are featured in premier publications such as Elle, Marie Claire and Grazia.

Brand and event manager for the fairs- Emily Hughes tells us that the “formula of affordable vintage, great venues, fabulous traders and a loyal fan base means our events just keep getting better.”

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fairs aren’t just for the students of Lincoln, but appeal to a wide demographic with older customers looking for a nostalgic fix – true vintage lovers looking for a new addition to their collection and fashionable students hoping for inspiration.

I asked Emily for any tips for those of us looking for a fashionable bargain on the 15th and she advised:

1. Come with an open mind – why not try an era you’ve never explored before?

2. Bring friends.

3. Keep your eye out for a bargain and have a good rummage.

4. Ask Traders for advice – they are all really knowledgeable about vintage fashion and give great style advice.

5. Most importantly, have fun!

So why not come and check out Judy’s Vintage Fair on the 15th of February and see what bargains can be found?

Doors are open from 10am – 4pm at the Engine Shed and entry costs £2.

One Response to Vintage fairs “just keep getting better”

  1. I fully agree!

    The best thing do IS indeed have fun. Make it an outing with friends! We all love to wear something different these days. In eras gone by, fashions followed specific trends. Since then, the 21s Century has given us a free for all – women of all ages are now experimenting, and it is truly great to see women wearing all number of different outfits from days gone by. People are really starting to get involved in the history of clothes, it is not just about wearing something from a different era, but it is stepping back in to the past to find something purely unique. Fashion is the very essence of social change. When skirts were fashionably long, it meant that the economy was good and vice versa. We are not only finding wonderful clothes to wear, but we are shaping the course of future fashion.

    Individuality and creativity is coming back in a big way!