Wet weather fashion

Living in Lincoln has its benefits; it’s a beautiful city that’s filled with history and it has a pretty decent city centre too. However, it’s in the Midlands. Which can only mean one thing – the weather is often atrocious.

M&Co Bunny Photographic Socks, £2.00. Radley Hibbert Short Wellingtons, £40.00. Pilot Olive Owl Mitten Gloves, £7.99. Internacionale Red Tartan Chiffon Scarf, £7.99. Quiz Black Animal Ears Hat, £12.99. Accessorize Nautical Super Slim Umbrella, £12.00.










I suppose we shouldn’t really be complaining… the South is getting it bad whereas here, we’re doing alright. So far so good. In fact, I’m writing this and looking out of window and despite it being bitterly cold outside, it’s dry and bright.

Luckily for us, it’s no longer seen as unfashionable to wear wellies and the “less-is-more” approach certainly isn’t true any more. The high street has took note of this and there are some incredibly stylish accessories out there to prepare you for the winter weather.

Layering up is “in” right now. Wearing a long t-shirt, a shirt over the top, a tartan scarf, leggings, ankle warmers, boots, a trench coat, gloves and a fluffy hat? Totally cool. Keeping warm has never been so fashionable.

I’m not a weather woman, but I have been searching high and low for some fabulous finds when it comes to accessorising in wet weather. So, beat the wet feet and the frizzy hair because despite it being all well and good so far, you know it’s going to come soon. Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits.

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