What’s the flap with Flappy Bird?

Mobile games now spread quicker than forest fires in the Australian outback.

Angry Birds started the craze when it was first released on the iPhone in December 2009, and since has produced a total of 8 games in the series, as well as a spin-off game.

Merchandise has also been produced by the company behind Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment.

However, the latest craze in mobile gaming is the infuriating and addictive Flappy Bird, compared largely to iCopter.

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The premise is simple, tap the screen to make your pixelated bird fly upwards, whilst gravity pulls it back down. As you scroll sideways across the screen, pipes appear, and you have to direct the hapless bird through the narrow gap to score a point.

As simple as it sounds, social media has been taken by storm by the amount of angry players the game has had.

Whilst unconfirmed, I am sure that many smart phones and tablets have broken screens due to the ensuing frustration from the players after losing the game.

High scores have always been a legacy in gaming, however, with Flappy birds, if you manage a score in the 20’s, you may as well be entered into the hall of fame, after the majority of gamers fail to make it past the initial few pipes.

Since Angry Birds, it certainly hasn’t been the only big-hit game that has been cripplingly addictive to mobile gamers.

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Temple Run, first released in 2011, saw the craze sweep the nation, and boasting of high-scores overtook social media for the first few weeks of it’s release. This success saw the release of the sequel, Temple Run 2.

Candy Crush Saga has been one of the most successful mobile games of all time. Linked with Facebook, sharing your success, or begging for extra lives from friends is highly encouraged.

It has certainly been a game to avoid if possible, with memes being made about a ‘Candy Crush rehab’ hitting social media.

With the subject of each game mentioned being so diverse from each other, it begs the question ‘what does it take to develop a great mobile app?’

A question which the developers are still asking to this day.

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