Re:view Joel Dommett: Practical Joker

Joel Dommett, known mostly for presenting MTV News in 2012 and a 15 minute stand-up slot on Russell Howard’s Good News, came to The Platform in Lincoln on Thursday night.

After playing to a crowd of 600 last year, Lincoln welcomed Joel with a more intimate gig, which he described as his favoured type of show.

joel d
Joel Dommett. Photo: Diamond Geyser (via Flickr)

The night kicked off in style, as he himself came to the stage to announce that the show would start in 5 minutes time. Maybe not expected from someone with a fair dose of recognition.

After the minutes ticked past, he then announced himself to the stage during wild cheers from the crowd.

From the very start Joel had the audience captured with his energetic stage presence, and had the whole room laughing within seconds.

Joel started well, telling of how he confused venues, and turned up at The Shed rather than the Engine Shed. Then up cropped his victim of the night, Giovanni, to whom Joel kept coming back to throughout the performance.

With impeccable timing, Joel had the jokes coming in thick and fast, and kept the crowd on their toes throughout the evening.

It’s not just his words that made the comedy. His facial expressions were fantastic and brought even more emphasis and laughter to the show.

Joel kept the crowd enticed as he told stories of previous shows, and life as a teenager. Whilst many claim to have crazy teenage years, Joel back up his stories with a number of props, some physical, and some in the form of music.

After a short interval, Joel continued where he left off, leaving the whole room in stitches.

His down to earth comedy made it much more relatable to the audience, and made the evening even more enjoyable for all.

Joel ended the night with a bang, giving us further insight to his childhood as he spoke of getting bullied and his hobbies, before combining the two spectacularly, managing to incorporate some 90’s techno too.

Time passed so quickly in the comedy bubble, and Joel left the stage to a well-deserved raucous round of applause, and took some time out after to meet fans and have photos with them.

A humble guy with some hilarious anecdotes and fantastic timing. Definitely one to watch in a town near you.

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