Linc Style: Return of the fashion faux pas

Think of jelly shoes. Now, are you shuddering in revulsion or squealing with excitement? Whatever is in ‘trend’ dictates how many of us choose to look – even those out there who claim to have no interest in fashion still make a decision about what to wear each day.

Crocs - a hit or miss in the fashion world. Photo from wikipedia.
Crocs - a hit or miss in the fashion world? Photo: Wikipedia.

Living in a city as diverse as Lincoln, it’s great to wander the High Street and boutiques to see the fashionistas out there rocking the latest looks and channelling quirkily thrown-together outfits. Despite this, not everyone can pull off every trend that comes a-calling.

For example, cast your minds back to a few years ago when harem pants were everywhere. People jumped onto this fashion bandwagon and just ended up looking like a dated hippy mixed with an extra from Aladdin.

That’s not the only mistake society has made en-masse. It’s time to acknowledge bum bags – a special treat clinging on from the eighties.

These little beauties rear their ugly head yearly as soon as festival season approaches. In this accessories defence, its convenience can outweigh its appearance, but anything known as a ‘bum bag’ or ‘fanny pack’ should surely be left at the back of the wardrobe. Ponchos also fall into this category of ‘fashion best forgotten’.

Fashion’s less controversial pieces that still divide opinion include backpacks and skorts, something to look out for this season if you’re feeling like pushing your personal style boundaries just a little bit.

Despite the natural style and confidence of some to pull off nearly anything, there’s one item that should be left in the murky depths of fashion – Crocs. With socks. Make sure you look back at pictures of your university years, admiring how you great you managed to look on a budget, rather than being left saying: “What was I thinking?”

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