Tattoo trends

Written by Laura Higgins.

Tattoos may have started off at sea as a popular choice with voyaging sailors, but in more modern times they have become a fashion statement for many.

Laura Higgins' own tattoo. Photo by Laura Higgins.
Tattoo art. Photo: Laura Higgins












With a large number of inked celebrities in the limelight as well, it isn’t any surprise that having ink on your skin is more popular now than ever. It’s is no wonder then that no matter where you go, it doesn’t take long to see someone with patterned skin.

Of course, this is no different in Lincoln. There are a vast number of tattoo shops in the city centre alone, making it easy enough to go under the needle. The Gilded Quill on the High Street is one of many recommended places to go to and with its quirky window display, it is not easy to miss.

One local university student that agrees is Alice Lilley, who recently got tattooed by Christian Holmes at the shop. Alice says: “I had heard good things about them and knew that they were good at personalising your design. Christian is a great tattoo artist, so I would definitely consider going back.

“As for the rise in popularity of having tattoos, I believe that they are a form of art which is linked to fashion in many ways.”

She also advised: “People should think before getting anything done, as unlike your clothes in your wardrobe, you can’t throw them out after you’ve moved onto a new trend.,”

Although in the past a lot of negative stereo-types have surrounded people who choose to have ink, many are choosing to move away from the typical ‘stamp-tramp,’ quotes and sleeve tattoos and are heading in a more artistic direction with their ink.

In a more understanding generation, tattoo culture gives people the chance to be creative and use their skin as a blank canvas. It is so easy now to complete your look and create your own style identity with your tattoos.

However, if you are still unsure about what has now become a so-called ‘trend,’ there are plenty of other alternatives out there. Start off by introducing popular tattoo designs into your style, through your choice of clothing for your example.

The high street at the minute is full of various items such as bold printed t-shirts, which feature tattoo style patterns such as sugar skulls, swallows or floral plaques.

No matter how much of a fashionista you are, it is always worth being fully sure before committing to such a permanent fashion statement as a tattoo.

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