The beauty buzz around Bennetts

A new product has hit the shelves in Topshop and Harvey Nichols in London and it all started in a hairdressers in Lincoln.

The product. Photo: Patrick from Natural Expressions

Rachel de Caux and Paula Short have been working together for two years at the salon before starting Beauty Boulevard in November. They have just launched a brand new product –‘Glitter Lips’ – which after selling out in Topshop in Oxford Street is sure to get heads turning elsewhere.

‘Glitter Lips’ is the new advance in lipstick. Guaranteed to stay on for at least eight hours, the new product is perfect for any occasion, day or night. I caught up with Paula and Rachel to discuss the new product.

The idea behind Glitter lips all started when Rachel wanted her lipstick to match an outfit for a fancy dress party. “I pulled out a photo of me when I had been to a 70s inspired night and I had my flares on, a glittery belt, a glittery scarf and I wanted my lips to match. So, I put some Vaseline on with some glitter and it stayed on for about 10 minutes before it was all over my teeth.”

This flashback was when the idea for ‘Glitter Lips’ started. “We saw that Dior had used it on their catwalk. All the models had a lot of glitter going on, and Jessie J has done a lot with her lips so we thought there must be a way of it staying on beyond 10 minutes,” said Rachel.

The process of putting ‘Glitter Lips’ on is simple: apply the gloss bond to your lips, making sure you keep your lips open. The gloss bond is like a lip-gloss but much stickier. Then using the brush provided in each box, apply the glitter until there are no sticky sections of gloss bond remaining.

Priced at £12.50, the product is definitely something all students need to get their hands on for a night out.

Currently available in seven different shades, when it comes to imagination, Paula said ‘Glitter Lips’ have no limit. She said: “We can do any colour, any shade and any size fraction of glitter.”

Paula noted one of the bonuses of Glitter Lips compared to normal lipstick. “We wanted something that was long lasting, so you don’t have to go and reapply it. Because with lipstick, after a couple of hours you’re thinking ‘where’s my make up gone?’ So, at least it’s there and you don’t really need any other make up on. Your lips do all the talking.”

The product has been a huge success since its launch, which is mainly down to the prototypes that Rachel and Paula have been wearing in the hairdressers since the end of last year.

On discussing the future of ‘Glitter Lips’, Rachel said: “Paula and I were in London and we have had quite a few meetings with Millie Kendal who is one half of Millie and Ruby cosmetics and Anna Solowij, the ex-beauty editor of Vogue. They have a company together called beautyMART, which they sell within Topshop in Oxford Street and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.” Said Rachel.

When talking about beautyMART stocking their product, Paula said: “We certainly didn’t anticipate this or see it coming, we just walked into Topshop with it on – that’s all we did. And within a week, we were sat in front on Millie Kendal and the ex-beauty editor of Vogue telling us ‘this product is great and we will have it!”

The names of the different shades of ‘Glitter Lips’ are creative, ranging from ‘Diamond in the Buff’ to ‘Molly Dolly’ and ‘Ultra Glam’ to ‘Sparkling Rose’ – all guaranteed to get your lips noticed much more than a normal lipstick.

Paula commented: “In the generation of ‘selfies’ and photos on a night out, at 2 o’clock in the morning you will still look as good as you did at 8pm, which is a rare thing. So at least when your eyes are shut and a bit glazed, the lips will be looking good.”

Visit to see the full range or head to Bennetts in the town centre to meet Rachel and Paula, where you can pick the perfect shade for you.

All Glitter Lips products are EU and UK legislation registered to cosmetic safety assessment.

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