Ritz Cinema celebrates Robin Williams



Fans of the late comedian and actor, Robin Williams, who sadly passed away this week, came together at The Ritz cinema in Lincoln on 14 August to pay their respects.  They held a special screening of ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, a film that is not only loved by Robin Williams’s fans but by all lovers of cinema.

Administration tickets were £3 with all profits going directly to MIND and other local mental health charities, after it was revealed that the Hollywood actor had been battling severe depression.  The event saw over one hundred fans turn up and over £300 was raised.

Organiser Pete Genders said: “We like to recognise those who pass away; we did a similar event when Rik Mayall died. People just want to generally celebrate his life and career so we always put a film on and we also make a tribute before the film too.”

The event started with over one hundred fans cramming into the newly refurbished Ritz cinema.  A memoriam short film compiling the work of Williams who died on Monday, aged 63 was screened before the film.  The crowd responded with cheers, applause and laughter.

Williams was a great hero to many, including student Kirsty Cheetham. She couldn’t believe the news of his death.

“I was in total shock and I couldn’t believe it at first.  He is one of my all-time favourite actors. I loved his serious roles as much as his comedic roles and I will miss him a lot.”

Pete Genders said he chose ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, as it showed Williams’s serious work, but also his comedic skills.

Genders said: “A lot of people on Facebook wanted us to show it. Also many people are screening ‘Dead Poet Society’ across the country which is a good film, but a serious one. We wanted to show his comedy style as well as his serious work and ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ had both of these.”

As the film ended, the room was once again filled with applause.

Donations are still coming in and a final total will be released on The Ritz Facebook page.

If you want to find out more about the event or to discover more about The Ritz then visit their Facebook page.

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