Europe’s biggest Steampunk festival returns to Lincoln

The weekend of the 12th – 14th saw Europe’s biggest steampunk festival return to Lincoln.

Since 2009, the festival has garnished the streets of Lincoln with intricate and imaginative neo-Victorian steampunk costumes; The classic goggles, waistcoats, and top hats were all present, whilst impressively complex metal and mechanical outfits also made appearances.

The annual event has grown from strength to strength during it’s 6 year lifetime, going from only a few hundred attendees to well over 2,000. This year’s event saw a full programme of steampunk culture, including music and entertainment, literature and art, and of course, fashion.

Steampunk is a sub-culture that has been inspired by 19th century Victorian literature, with many modern steam-punkers looking to the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne as a prominent influence.

This early science fiction heavily focused on imaginary futurist technology, fused with the basic mechanics of the day, which has proved to have a huge impact in the style of steampunk attire. Despite being relatively obscure culture, steampunk is celebrated by many worldwide.

Linc reporters Barney Oram and Chris Gray took too the streets to find out more about the festival.


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