Fresh-ers food tips

Written by Emma Tinson

Pasta Credit to : Emma Tinson

It’s a common misconception that students survive on pitiful meals of beans on toast. There’s no denying that while at university, us students become toast addicts, but the truth is we are all capable of producing delicious dishes at low cost.

So let’s start with that student speciality – toast. Sure, toast topped with butter is luscious, but why not create something a little more exciting?

Try covering your toast with your favourite pizza toppings: cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever you want. Pop it under the grill for a few minutes, whilst trying your best not to set off the overly sensitive fire alarm and voila some very tasty toast.

Toast can be tempting for breakfast too, but there are some healthier options. Loading up on fruit is a great way to stay healthy and combat the dreaded fresher’s Flu. Try a bowl of Greek yoghurt with the fruit of your choice and treat yourself to a drizzle of honey on top. It’s a fantastic way to prep yourself for those nine o’clock lectures.

A common student favourite is pasta because it’s quick, easy and versatile. Try mixing chopped chilly and garlic with oil, to make a spicy sauce for pasta with chicken. You could even create a tasty pasta salad served cold with tuna, mayonnaise and sweet corn.

A great way to save money and washing up is to cook a group meal with your fellow flatmates. Simple and cheap meals for a group are curries or spaghetti bolognaise. Both of these meals are great, as you can mix and match a variety of cheap and healthy vegetables into the recipe. Try frying some peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and garlic into your curry or bolognaise sauce to give you that extra bit of energy you need to get yourself ready for a night of clubbing!

There are some great websites such as and that have a wide range of student style recipes that can help guide you from beans on toast to a banquet fit for a king – well a king on a budget. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

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