Helpful Hangover Tips

Written by Emma Tinson

With Freshers week last week, it’s guaranteed we’ve all had our fair share of alcohol recently and know all too well the dangers that come with it – the dreaded hangover! Now that lectures have started for the new academic year, we students can no longer lay in bed all day when struck by this nemesis.

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There’s no proven way of curing a hangover, however they can be eased with these helpful tricks that allow you to both work and play hard:

1. Water

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It seems obvious, but water intake is very important when you are hung-over. Drinking lots of H2O will flush any remaining alcohol from your system and also rehydrate you. This should help if you suffer from hangover headaches.

2. Bananas

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The smell of a banana may make you feel queasy when you’re feeling worse for ware, but it is a great source of potassium and sugar, which should boost your energy and make you feel wide awake the morning after.

3. Greasy Food

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Once again, food may not be first on your mind when you’re feeling the effects of too much vodka, but eating a good breakfast is better than going without. A good-old fry up will give you a boost of energy by increasing your blood sugar levels. However, more important is food the night before. It is essential to have a good meal prior to a night out, as food helps slow the absorption of alcohol: meaning the alcohol will take longer to enter your blood stream.

4. Coffee

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Many people swear by coffee as a hangover cure! But, you must be cautious as it can also make you feel worse. The coffee may make you feel alert, but too much caffeine can cause headaches!

5. Prevention

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Without a doubt the best way of avoiding the symptoms of a hangover is by preventing it from happening. You can have fun and have some drinks but make sure you know your limit and don’t overdo it… especially when you have a 9am lecture the next morning!

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