Postgraduate artists showcase work in free exhibition

The public are being offered the chance to get a first glimpse of new artists in a free exhibition of postgraduate works from the University of Lincoln’s College of Arts.

Final collections from students of Fine Art, Design, International Design Enterprise, Contemporary Curatorial Practice, and Conservation of Historic Objects are all available to view for free, beginning yesterday (13 September) across two exhibition spaces within the University’s Art & Design building.

East-West corridor in the University of Lincoln's Art, Architecture & Design building

The exhibitions will be hosted in two spaces within the University of Lincoln’s Art, Architecture & Design building, Project Space Plus and Lab Plus (Photo: Gregor Smith)

Titled ‘Carry On Regardless’, the Fine Art and Contemporary Curatorial Practice exhibition uses a wide range of mediums to contribute to the overall theme. It aims to encourage its audience “to view obstacles as opportunities, and to recognise that direction is often more important than destination”.

'Mono', by MA Fine Art student Dr Duncan Rowland

‘Mono’, by MA Fine Art student Dr Duncan Rowland, to be exhibited in ‘Carry On Regardless’ (Image courtesy of the University of Lincoln)

“The MA Fine Art and MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice programmes put emphasis on each student’s path of exploration and discovery,” said Andrew Bracey, Programme Leader for MA Fine Art and MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice. “The work in this show represents a crossroads, an exciting moment when they choose where their practices will go.”

Meanwhile, MA Design students will be exhibiting under the title ‘Upstairs’, incorporating video, printmaking, animation, book design, collaborative imagery, and silversmithing. It claims to challenge how we convey personality through type design and clothing as a vessel for memory.

“At the heart of what we all do – staff and students alike – is asking questions. We ask questions about the world around us, about our own work and about ourselves,” explained John Stocker, Senior Lecturer for MA Design. “As you will notice in this exhibition, the work is not only informed by this wish to enquire, but also a wish to embrace technical excellence and push creative boundaries.”

All the works will be available to view for free every day from 10am until 4pm (excluding Sundays) until 27 September. An electronic copy of the exhibition catalogue can be accessed by clicking here.

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