Scouting for Girls Live Review


Scouting for Girls has taught me many things over their nine year, ongoing career. These range from learning that it “Only Rains in LA and “Elvis ain’t dead.” Whether its because you want a license to kill or want to mix business with girls and thrills, it is impossible to deny that you wish you were James Bond.

And while we’re on the topic of James Bond, let’s just take a moment to be amazed by the epic, heart-pounding rendition of “Live and Let Die the band performed. When I say that I was covered from head to toe in goosebumps, I am not lying in the slightest; the whole Engine Shed was so electric it could power the entirety of courts.

That, however, wasn’t the only time that goosebumps were on the menu while Scouting for Girls performed throughout the evening.

Starting the party with a mixture of strobe lights and multicolored spotlights, the band quickly captivated the Engine Shed’s population, before asking everyone involved to join them in becoming the 5th member of the group. With audience interaction nailed to a proverbial T, the band began to sing classics ranging from the beginning to the present of their illustrious career. Hits being performed included the opening “Heartbeat, Love How it Hurts, Elvis ain’t dead and She’s so Lovely.” The band also left the comfort of their own tracks and performed renditions of the aforementioned Live and Let Die, along with a clever cover of Rudimental’s “Waiting all Night,” which garnered a thunderous response from the crowd.

With an amazing performance, Scouting for Girls did an impeccable job of showcasing their vocal and instrumental talent along with their lack of need for auto-tune. Because with the vocals that Roy Stride possesses, he shouldn’t be scouting for anything. It should be flowing to him in abundance as it rightfully is.

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