Christopher Bell at The Little Red Gallery


Christopher Bell is currently exhibiting his mixed media creations which incorporate glass, paint and resin to create charming waterside scenes, layered with anecdotes and concealed stories.

The vibrant colours and misshapen buildings of Bell’s work lead to a quirkiness, with an air of fantasy and imaginary not dissimilar to the settings of fairy tales. The added glitter in his skies add to the idea of the magical and the fantastical, and Bell describes this as “a style of art previously unseen”.

Hidden within his works Bell conceals elements of humour, thereby adding to the work’s charm and quaintness; conversing sheep chatter and owls with googly eyes peer innocently at the spectator, inviting Bell’s audience to return to the scene before them and investigate for more concealed features.

When asked about inspiration for his work, Bell remained reserved and covert – as if unwilling to reveal the secret to enter his fantasy world.

When queried further, Bell simply stated his focus is amplified after returning from morning walks. Bell creates work that appeals to his audience, and is motivated primarily with the idea of selling in mind; perhaps a hypocrisy of being a true artist, though nevertheless he remains a successful practitioner.

The Little Red Gallery at the peak of Steep Hill currently displays work by independent artist Christopher Bell, and will be exhibiting his work for the foreseeable future.

The gallery describes Bell’s work as “some of the finest mixed media art” – a visit is extremely recommended for art lovers and art sceptics.

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