Dropout reduction becomes a Students’ Union priority

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union is working hard to reduce the rate of students dropping out of university, in an initiative headed by SU President Brian Alcorn, Alistair Berry reports.

University of Lincoln Students' Union building

Isolation is a major problem in some students’ lives, causing many to drop out, the Students’ Union believes (Photo: Gregor Smith)

A key part of Brian’s manifesto and campaign for SU President was targeted at reducing dropouts, and the SU has already conducted research in this area.

Speaking during an interview, Brian told The Linc: “In our strategic research, which we did two years ago, we found one in five students felt isolated, lonely, or bullied on a daily basis, and that’s quite a shocking statistic.”

To combat this, the Students’ Union is working to create events where conversation and getting to know new people is made easier than at stereotypical student events like club nights.

“Now that we have these venues like The Shed and the Tower Bar, we can put on events, not just mad party ones, but casual ones – like the pub quiz, the cocktail night, and board games, which enables a wide variety of students to get to know other people,” Brian explained.

He also recommended a basic solution for those who want to help other students feel welcome: “The very simple answer is talk to them.

“I think a lot of people who really struggle feel that they don’t know anyone and no one cares about them. They don’t find it easy to approach others and talk to them, so if you see someone who looks a bit lonely or looks like they’re having trouble, talk to them about it.”

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