It’s National Chocolate Week!

Written by Emma Tinson

Its national chocolate week, and one Lincoln resident has been baking gravity-defying chocolate cakes.

Photo: Toni Letthard

Photo: Toni Letthard

Toni Lettherd, from Lincoln, has sculpted a variety of chocolate cakes that give the illusion of tumbling chocolate frozen in mid air.

Mrs Lettherd started up her own cake business, Wicked and Delicious, after encouragement from friends. Her business has only been running a few weeks, but she says so far it’s going better than she had ever anticipated.

Toni admitted that working with chocolate, can be difficult due to melting, but she still manages to sculpt her cake creations.

She says the chocolate gravity cake, is one of her favourites to make, but Toni has in the past made a variety of cakes from strawberry gateaux’s to a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.

Photo: Toni Letthard

Photo: Toni Letthard

Wicked and Delicious cakes can be as cheap as £10. Toni said: “I keep my prices low so everyone can have a nice cake for their birthday.”

She has also set up her own Facebook page where potential customers can view her cake creations.

Toni thinks in the future she’d love to have her own coffee shop but for now she says: “I am happy just baking and would love nothing more than to stay home and bake”

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