Re-launched church set upon community action

The once forgotten St. Swithin’s Church has re-launched with hopes for strong community action throughout Lincoln.

The church was almost non-existent with less than 10 people attending the weekly service. After efforts were made by the Diocese of Lincoln, however, the church has now been re-established as a place of worship.

One of its main aims is to now reach out to the greater community, including youth, students and those in need.

“There seems to be a lot of alcoholism, homelessness in the city or issues with addictions,” said Matt Rodgers, assistant pastor at St. Swithin’s. “There are a lot of people to reach out and serve. We really want to play a part in people’s lives.

“As a church, we want to be outward-looking. We don’t want to be locked in this building. We want to be people who are loving our neighbours, serving them and playing our part in people’s lives.”

Find out more about St. Swithin’s Church and its re-launch services that took place throughout the week of October 5th by watching the video below.

St. Swithin’s Church has services at 10.30am and 6pm every Sunday.

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