Simply Stir Fry!

If you want something tasty, yet nutritious and healthy with those all-important vegetables, then look no further as a stir fry ticks all the boxes! This is a great dish which takes only minutes to make and you can chuck in all sorts of ingredients, and it literally is what it says on the tin.

Stirfry can be really healthy for you. Photo: Kelly Pyart

Stir fry can be really healthy for you. Photo: Kelly Pyart


Bean sprouts

2 Pepper

1 Red Onion

1 Broccoli

1 Lettuce

1 Carrot (You can add other vegetables or buy them in a pre-packaged bundle)


2 Chicken breasts

Hoisin Sauce

Black Pepper

Chicken or Stock Cube

1) To add a nice twist to this simple dish, place a stock cube (of your choice) into a saucepan with some boiling water along with some noodles and bring to the boil. Doing this will enable your noodles to absorb some of the stock cube’s tasty flavour to give the stir fry a special little twist.

2) Boil the noodles until they are soft and squelchy. At the same time, grab your  carrot, broccoli, pepper, red onion and lettuce. Slice them into finely chopped slices. Place your veg into a bowl so it is ready to be added to the frying pan later on.

3) Next, it is time to fry your chicken if you want to add meat to your stir fry. If you are vegetarian, then skip this step. If you would like to add something other than chicken, now would be the time to cook it. Heat the oil in a nice, big frying pan and gently place the chicken inside it, turning it over with a spatula and cooking until white!

4) Next, drain the noodles and scoop them into the frying pan alongside the vegetables you prepared earlier! Keep frying and keep stirring (after all it is called a stir fry) the mixture to ensure it is thoroughly cooked.

5) It will soon be time to serve this scrumptious stir fry up, however, you need to prepare a nice hoisin sauce to pour into the frying pan to give it a little kick. Pour the hoisin sauce into a bowl, add two teaspoons of water and a generous sprinkling of black pepper to spice things up! Now, trickle this saucy garnish into your stir fry. Give it a couple of minutes to heat it up,  and it will be ready to serve!

One delicious, healthy, nutritional stir fry. The reason why this is such a great dish is you can have it whichever way you like! It takes only five minutes to make, and you can substitute the chicken for other types of meat, and the sauce and vegetables with other alternatives. It really is the perfect meal to have after a long day of university.


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