Lewis Hamilton: where was the title won?

The British driver won his second title of his career last weekend after comfortably seeing out the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and Hamilton could be on track for more titles.

However, before looking too far ahead, where was the title won?

The making of a World Champion: Lewis speaks to the press. Photo: Nick Webb via Flickr

The making of a World Champion: Lewis speaks to the press. Photo: Nick Webb via Flickr

In an epic season with Hamilton and Roseberg constantly at each other’s throats, all seemed lost for the Brit after coming second to Rosberg in Monaco.

The race sparked the rivalry between the two as Hamilton was ready to claim pole in qualifying before his team-mate went off the track at the end of the lap.

With Hamilton unable to over-take Rosberg in Monaco he finished second, a vital blow.

Six races later, with Hamilton putting pressure on Rosberg in the championship, Belgium made this two-horse race personal.

Starting on pole, Rosberg was quick over-taken by Hamilton after a sloppy start. However, as the German tried to get his lead back, he collided with Hamilton’s rear-left tyre forcing the Brit to retire.

With all hope seeming lost in the title, Hamilton put his head down and just raced. He won the next five-races, including the Italian Grand Prix which was won in emphatic fashion as Rosberg drove off the track twice, evidently from the pressure Hamilton put him under.

Despite Rosberg closing the gap in the Brazilian GP by finishing first, cutting Hamilton’s lead of 24 points, it made the last race in Abu Dhabi worth watching. However,

Hamilton remained calm to win his second title and deserves the accolades coming his way.

His first title triumph was fantastic in 2008, beating Fernando Alonso in just his second season in the sport.

His second is even better in 2014, as he completely dominated the season. Yes, you need a powerful car to win a title, but put Hamilton’s title in perspective.

He won 11 of the 19 races, in 5 of those races he was not on pole and still went on to win the race, notably the British GP where he started sixth.

Hamilton has now won two championships with two different teams, how many racers have done that within F1 recently?

Unlike Vettel’s three out of four straight championships, Hamilton had a true competitor this year with Rosberg.

Their cars were equally as strong, which meant racing ability was always going to determine who won the title.

Hamilton is a great, a true great, who should be cherished by the British public while he’s here, because when he’s gone, who’s going to pick up the mantle?

Written by: @DanyalAmeriKhan

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