Linc Sport Talks: Is Moyses the man for Lincoln?

With Chris Moyses the new man in charge of Lincoln City, our sports writers assess whether he is the man to take Lincoln forwards for the foreseeable future.

Is Chris Moyses the right man to take the Imps forwards?

Is Chris Moyses the right man to take the Imps forwards?

Adam Tomlinson (Deputy Sports Editor of the Linc)

-Due to the lack of funds available at Lincoln City, Chris Moyses should be the right man to take them forwards due to his passion for the club. However, even though he has had a tough start his changes seem to be paying off in what is a very talented Lincoln squad.

I’m sure after the sacking of Gary Simpson many Imps fans would have been expecting a more exciting appointment, not someone who has already been involved within the club during Simpson’s reign.

Chris Moyses will be able to take the club forwards once his tactics are in full succession, however, i cant see him getting Lincoln into the play offs this season, which is ultimately what Dorrian wants. Therefore, they should look elsewhere for Simpson’s successor.

Liam Ray

He’s had a tough start to his short reign but he did inherit a squad depleted with confidence. However his team showed that they are prepared to battle after clinching a draw against high flying Gateshead. If the board decide to stick with Moyses, he will need a considerable amount of time to build the Imps into a force once again.

Nathan Hill

– Lincoln appear to not have many options in terms of who they can go for so appointing from within makes sense. Moyses knows the club and the current squad like no other potential candidate. He has also come across very well in interviews and I think the fans, generally speaking, are behind him.

It’s once again been a disappointing season so far for the Imps but I do believe that Moyses can get them heading back in the right direction but they may need a more experienced man in the long term if they want to push for promotion. But for now, Moyses would be the right appointment.

Adam Allcroft (SU Sports Editor)

In reality, Gary Simpson should have never been sacked if Bob Dorrian couldn’t afford a better replacement. I would suggest Dorrian suck up his pride and go back for Simpson, but that’d never happen in the football world ever so he has no choice but to stick with Chris Moyses. He seems to know the squad well and the players like him, but I fear there isn’t much other benefit.

Nick Lough

It seems that Chris Moyses is a well liked and trusted man amongst the players, but you get the feeling that he is more of a ‘friend’ character than a authority figure. The players will try their best for him because they care about him, and want to see him succeed, however whether Moyses has the tactical know how to guide lincoln up the table, that I doubt. Like Dalglish at Liverpool, Di Matteo at Chelsea, belief in a local/past hero will only get you so far. The high of having your good friend in charge finally wares off, and your raw management skills and tactical knowledge comes into play, and this is when Chris Moyses may struggle.

Luke Vials

-Dorrian has already suggested the club lack the funds to search for a new manager so it’s more than likely Moyses will get the job. Appointing from within is not necessarily a bad thing as he will be trusted within the squad and he will have a good understanding of what the team is capable of. Even though he hasn’t won a game yet does not mean the team are going in the wrong direction. The 3-3 draw with Gateshead showed brilliant character as they came from 3-2 down to grab a last minute equaliser through Alan Power. If they can build on that character going forward there is no reason they can’t climb the league under Moyses.

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