“Most Dangerous Man On Television” Chris Ramsey prepares for Lincoln show

Chris Ramsey promo photo

Chris Ramsey performs at the LPAC on 15 November (Photo: Avalon Entertainment)

After being kicked off Sky’s Soccer AM, Chris Ramsey has dubbed himself “the most dangerous man on Saturday morning television” and is now touring around the UK, telling stories about how saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be worse than you first think, Matthew Dixon reports.

With growing popularity and fame from his continued appearances on shows such as Celebrity Juice and 8 Out of 10 Cats, Chris has had to extend his tour, meaning that in November he will be performing at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC).

Before his grand arrival, The Linc managed to speak with him about his tour and what else he has going on.


The show follows the concept of how a single comment at the wrong time can have bigger consequences than first thought. “It was just one of those moments where you’re trying to be funny and come out smelling like roses, but the universe doesn’t let you,” explained Chris.

He uses his Soccer AM story as a jumping off point, so that he can delve into other similar moments. This is something that the public can relate to, he felt: “making a bit of a dick of yourself quite well, so it’s going really well”.

The tour started off earlier this year, which sent Chris travelling across the country. Chris told The Linc: “It’s been absolutely awesome. Crowds have been great. Loads of people coming out to watch it.

“It’s just really good fun being on tour, being on the road and just getting performing to different people every night. It’s awesome.”

His extended tour has brought him to Lincoln, a place that he seems to have a special place in his heart for. “I used to gig in Lincoln a lot before I was doing my own tours,” he explained.

“The uni is awesome. Always a great crowd, ’cause it’s one of them nice unis where you get a mix – you don’t just get students, you get normal people as well. Great mixture of people, always a really good night,” Chris added.

It’s not just stand-up and panel shows that Chris is involved with; in 2012 he starred in the BBC Two comedy series Hebburn, and this is set to continue, with plans already being put into action for a new series. Chris wasn’t willing to give away any exclusives, but it sounds like we should be finding out more about what he has planned soon enough.

If you want to catch The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television then you can grab your tickets now for his performance at the LPAC on 15 November at 8pm.

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