SU to minimize amount of venues used for Varsity

The Students Union are aiming to use as few venues as possible for the 2015 Varsity in Lincoln.

While the University does have some facilities on campus, many teams have to use sports grounds away from the city centre.


The Lincoln sports team will all be hoping to get one over their rivals

The currently unbeaten Men’s Football team play at Washingborough Community Centre, which is just under four miles away from the campus.

This could be an issue for Varsity as fans will be unable to see a lot of the sports without taking transport to different venues, which could end up being very costly.

It would also be a possibility that visiting supporters from Hull could get lost going from venue to venue.

VP Activities, Hayley Jayne Wilkinson has acknowledged this could be a problem and that the SU are working on making sure there are only a few venues being used for Varsity.

She said: “We are looking into minimising the amount of venues so it’s easy for the students. Essentially we are trying to use one or two places so the experience isn’t all over the place. We want it centrally in one or two places.”

However she did admit that they are likely to use Longdales Park at Nettleham, the home to the Lincoln Rugby teams, despite it being over five miles away.

“We will probably use Nettleham as it has the proper grounds for rugby and can also be used for football. We’ll be making sure there is transport up there.”

  • What is Varsity? Each year Lincoln take on their rivals, Hull, at every sporting event over one day. The university with the most wins over that day, will be crowned champions, as Hull were last year.

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