Unicef Comedy Charity Night Review

Unicef hosted the University’s Comedy Society at The Platform, in aid of donating to Ebola. I mean, what’s the thing they always say? “Laughter is the best medicine?”

Compère Ben Higgott got the crowd warmed up and accepting to the comedians about to bombard them with all different styles. Though as the night continued forward, it felt like he’d run out of material on how to keep them audience engaged between acts. Getting a round of applause in various ways is great at first, but eventually it became the only thing he was doing; along with announcing the next act.

It was a unique night – as mentioned above – with a whole different array of comedy on display. The society’s president, Robin Edwards gave an act that was a bundle of nerves and while from the outside, it might have seemed as if he was just really nervous, it helped play into his act even more so.

Our very own Gregor Smith proceeded after, equipped with a Scottish accent, bottle of cider and hot topics. While the Scottish accent goes unexplained, it works when he begins to berate the audience for being misogynists and a small rant about how women need to think bigger than about toilets.


Following that, a man came on stage and tipped a cup of water on his head. Josh Matthews was vicious, kicking the chair from the stage in a fury at the fact his jokes didn’t hit. It was amusing, especially when he physically threw his next joke off the stage.

Dave Anthony’s Fully Circular Bananas was a beautifully odd choice of words. It’s so bizarre to see a room of people chant the phrase back and forth.

A massive highlight was Shaun Gu, with a set that was grim and only he could get away with. Jokes about eating his sister’s dog were most certainly followed by a story that had to be radically altered to avoid offending Unicef, resulting in it becoming about another dog. His quick wit was on display in full force, as he caught himself speaking as the dog and correcting himself with some “woofs”.

Last act, Abraham Ibrahim, followed suit with an act that also, only he could pull off. His jokes poking at his own ethnicity and confidence really brought the show to a strong close.

The most exciting thing about this whole show is the fact that I’ll get to see the first year acts improve over time and seeing the more veteran comedians dish out new material into the audience. A really funny night and wholly recommended that you seek it out when the next gig comes around again on the 25th of November.

You can also donate to Unicef’s Ebola cause HERE!


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