Where’s our Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review?

Hello, Joel the Culture Editor here, with a little update as to where our Halo: The Master Chief Collection review is at.

Jacob Dickens has pretty much got a review sorted for the campaign content, but because of the current issues surrounding the multiplayer parts of the game, I, as editor of this section, cannot put up a review of – in reductive terms – half a game.

The retail version of the game simply doesn’t work as intended and while I could have Jacob put up a review of a game that is busted online, the fact he cannot even get into a game properly, means that I can’t justify even that style of review. The type that ends prematurely and the reviewer has to then explain awkwardly that the video game doesn’t work.

I could go the route of Polygon, with updated reviews now and then, but this is simply a special case at this point. There’s no point in overhauling reviews now and we don’t issue scores. It’s not a method that works here at The Linc.

So yes, we will have video content in the meantime and the review should be up as soon as Jacob has been able to play the multiplayer in any way. Which is apparently Wednesday.

Thanks for bearing with us.

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