A Calorie-Controlled Christmas

Written by Becky Lancashire.

Photo: cocoleroc on Flickr

Photo: cocoleroc on Flickr



It is that time of year again when the advent calendar starts and so does the lack of will power to stay away from anything covered in chocolate or gravy.

But is there a way to avoid the Christmas pudding belly this year? What is the real answer to the calorie controlled Christmas?

Here is the hard-hitting truth; there is no answer.

Christmas comes just once a year. Many of us spend 365 long days waiting for the festivities to return so that we can reunite with family and friends to share just a few days of luxury and good-will. So why throw all that away with worries of calories?

The Christmas hols are the one time when we can all be forgiven for laying in our PJs all day, a giant box of Celebrations on our lap and the same old Christmas films playing one after the other.

It is the time when we do not get up until midday, eat until we can not move and forget that lifting the remote to change channel does not, in any part of the country, count as exercise. And if that means gaining the odd pound or two; so be it!

All I will say is this. If your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier or to lose weight, go for it! But do not sacrifice a good quality Christmas just for the stupid figures on the scales.

Dieting over Christmas is more likely to encourage you to binge in the New Year anyway, so you might as well get it out of the way, and embrace the December month.

So get your feet up, the fire on and the snacks at the ready!

I know for sure I will not be passing up a second portion this Christmas day, and you know what? If someone offers me and extra few pigs in blankets, I am sure as hell going to say ‘yes’.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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