Lincoln in top five for cheap campus commute

The University of Lincoln has been named the third best university in England for students commuting to university on foot.

A new league table, published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), has shown that more than three quarters of students – 77% – walk onto campus, at no cost to them whatsoever (except, perhaps, the occasional pair of shoes).

This is in stark contrast to universities in London and the south, where transport can swallow up as much as £15.10 per week out of a student’s budget. The nationwide average is less than half that, at £6.50 per week.

Dan Clayton, Environment and Sustainability Manager at the University of Lincoln, said: “At the University of Lincoln, we have implemented a comprehensive Travel Plan which focuses on delivering efficient travel for our staff and students and supports sustainable transport options and active travel, such as cycling and walking.

“Our campus Master Plan is also designed to ensure the Brayford campus is accessible to all, offers a welcoming environment, and forms an integral part of the city centre.

“We have been working hard to reduce our energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions. We are now aiming to develop an Environmental Management System and our recent iiE [Investors in the Environment] accreditation is a significant step towards this goal.”

The walk is not only cheap, but relatively safe too, with Lincoln named as one of the East Midlands’ safest universities by the Good University Guide 2014.

Elly Sample, Director of Marketing at the university, added: “Lincoln is one of the safest and friendliest cities in the UK, and our city-centre location means that its main attractions and amenities are within a short walk for our students.

“This accessibility ensures a lower cost of living, and the combination of a vibrant atmosphere and warm community feel makes the city of Lincoln a great place to be a student.”

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