Osca – Blood Review

Written by Emma Barnett

London based Osca who have just released their first EP are currently flying under the radar, but hopefully not for much longer.


If you’re a fan of bands like Kodaline and Coldplay, these guys will be right up your street.

In October I was in the crowd waiting for an amazing Josh Record gig to begin, when Osca walked on the stage. Alex, Dom, Jack and Sean make up the group who provide a striking first impression. Their music stayed with me for hours, as their beautiful harmonies are always what I want to hear.

Previously known as Kenworthy, this band of brothers moved from Leicester to London and is now signed with Duly Noted, and I’m praying that there is more to come from them.

‘Red tears are stained, oh is it my blood?’ are the first haunting lyrics you hear on the EP from the song Blood. Coined by Zane Lowe as the ‘Next Hype Record’ it begins with just vocals and piano, but the song builds its layers as it continues, becoming more contemporary and electronic.

Introducing more instruments is like adding to a part of their body of music, the kick drum reflective of a heartbeat. Osca are not just a two-dimensional sound playing from your laptop, but instead are living and breathing and enchant your attention.

The song ‘Trumpet’, based on one of Jack Kenworthy’s favorite books is about the discovery of identity through music. ‘Who are you?’ is repeated in a thought-provoking echo along with ‘What’s your true, true sound?’ No need in asking the band this however, as even through only four songs released on their EP (Blood, Illume, Trumpet and Around the Bends) their identity resonates.

I’m holding out for an upcoming tour, and so should you be.

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