Varsity report: Hull defeat Lincoln in the Women’s Volleyball

Hull defeated Lincoln 3-1 in the women’s volleyball after a thrilling encounter. Hull stormed the first set flying into an early 5-0 lead. Lincoln eventually managed to weather the storm but still fell to a 9-25 defeat in the first set.

Hull beat fighting Lincoln team. Photo: Luke Vials

Hull beat fighting Lincoln team. Photo: Luke Vials

The second set was much closer with Lincoln leading for the majority of the time. However, Hull’s quality shone through in the end as they overturned a 3point deficit to win the second set 19-25. This meant if Hull won the third set they would take the match, but again Lincoln started the set well.

Lincoln clinched the set by eleven points winning it 25-13 to force the game into a crucial fourth set. Again this set was very tight and included some astonishing rallies between the two sides. Hull took an early lead but Lincoln chased it down and came from 5-2 down to go ahead 10-9 at the hallway point. The teams could not be separated as the set entered its final stages but once again Hull had that extra bit of quality to win the set and the match 18-25.

Lincoln’s Judith Gruntjes said “we gave it our best shot and we can be proud of ourselves. Hopefully Lincoln can win overall.’

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