Manifesto: Mark Andrew Sowden (President)

Mark Andrew Sowden

I’m running for the Student Union President I feel I have the relevant experience for this. This is because I am the current College of Arts representative and was previously the School of Art and Design representative these roles have given me an insight in to the union and the needs of the university. I also feel I am a strong person and am willing to fight for a greater university experience. I am also a confident person and am willing to stand up for the needs of individual.

My main aims for the upcoming year are centred around specific areas of the university.

I want to help international students and post graduate students get more involved with university life. In the school of art and design there is collaboration between different subjects and it work well for employability because you are learning new skill this is why I would like to increase the number of cross collaboration between different schools.

I am aiming to work with the careers team to make all students more employable. This will consist with working with lectures and careers team to increase the careers events and more alumni student working with the university.

Lectures student relationship
This is something that I have looked in to at other university and the relationship between staff and student are strong due to schemes allowing them to work together. I looking to restart a system that was a league foe staff and student teams to compete in a sporting capacity. This should build relationships helping with communication in the university.

This is a big issue because there a lot of complaints about the lack of feedback or the feedback not being critical. I would like to look in to this deeper and work toward fixing the problem. Feedback is a important part of the learning process and feel it is under par this is why its important to me.

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