Manifesto: Morgan Hall-Roberts (VP Welfare and community)

Morgan Hall-Roberts

My name is Morgan Hall-Roberts and I’m currently Treasurer of the Debating society and of both the Women’s and Gender and Sexuality liberation groups, both this work and my experiences as a transgender woman have given me the drive to make sure that everyone, no matter who they are, has access to resources which will give them an equal standing in both the university and society at large.

1. A landlord data base
At the moment a housing data base exists which only lists the basics (e.g.- hot water and working fire alarms), I would extend this to include Landlord reviews to cover areas such as how quickly they fix a broken toilet or how reasonable they are about returning deposits.

2. Safe spaces for liberation groups
I will work with liberation groups and the Student Wellbeing centre to hold safe spaces where people can confidentially talk to their liberation officers about any problems they may have. This is a fundamental part of what the liberation groups are for and to help give every student no matter what race, sexuality, gender, disability, or country of origin an equal chance at university and the ability to have the opportunity to speak to someone who understands the specific issues of each group.

3. Relaxation rooms ( with pets) for exam times
The Exam period is the hardest and most stressful time of the academic year which contributes to poor mental wellbeing, making it harder to work effectively at the time when students need to the most. To combat this I will set up rooms during the exam period with animals (probably sourced from local rehoming centres) to help students relax and recuperate.

4. Halls reps
I will set up representatives from each major hall of residence such as Pavilions and The Junxion to work alongside community reps to represent the students living in these areas and be a first point of call with any housing issues.

5. Raise the profile of liberation groups
I want to continue the brilliant work of Olivia Hill in setting up the liberation groups not only by helping with safe spaces but also by raising the profile of these groups, especially to new students so they know who to talk to if they have trouble or want to meet similar people

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