Manifesto: Rachel Harper (VP Welfare and Community)

Rachel Harper


I believe that student welfare underpins all aspects of university life, and so I aim to provide support and guidance to help every student make the most of their time at university. I am passionate about making each student feel safe, supported, and valued on campus, whilst changing the reputation of students within the wider community.

ACCOMMODATION – Lincoln is the third most expensive city for accommodation outside of London, when comparing student accommodation prices with that of similar housing for non-students within the city. I will:
• Campaign for cheaper accommodation
• Support students on housing issues and communicate what your rights are as a tenant when disputing with a landlord
• Provide advice on choosing accommodation

ADVICE & SUPPORT – The SU aims to provide impartial advice and guidance on all matters relating to student experience. I will:
• Raise awareness of student well-being issues through campaigns about smoking, mental health, eating disorders, drug use, sexual health and alcoholism.
• Provide budgeting workshops to help students make the most of their loans and minimise their student debt.
• Work alongside the Counselling Service and redevelop the Student Buddy Scheme in order to reduce waiting times
• Aim to reduce student stress through proactive and reactive workshop sessions

COMMUNITY ON CAMPUS – I aim to create more of a community atmosphere on campus by teaming up with VP Activities to hold more diverse university wide events. I will:
• Create alternative events during fresher’s week and throughout the academic year
• Develop events to help integrate postgraduate and international students into the university community for both September and January enrolment cohorts
• Provide team building opportunities for all courses such as laser tag and “it’s a knockout” style events to encourage people to get to know more people on their course

INTEGRATION WITHIN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY – I will build upon relationships with local businesses, charities and residents with the aim of improving the reputation of students. I will:
• Encourage events being held off campus, for example, the comedy society could have a stand up night in a local independent café
• Better advertise community volunteering opportunities through the circulation of a community newsletter

LIBERATION GROUPS – I aim to further encourage equal representation on campus so every voice can be heard. I will:
• Prioritise funding for Liberation Groups
• Fully support the Liberation Officers on any issues and provide assistance to aid campaigns

Not only am I determined to make these changes, but I want to know what issues you are passionate about, and what you want to see changed on campus, and strive to see those changes through. I will make your voice heard.

For representation with a ROAR, VOTE RACHEL #1 for Vice President Welfare & Community.

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