Manifesto: Smantha Storey (VP Activities)

Samantha Storey

I’m Sammi Storey aka The FRO, I am campaigning to become your VP Activities officer. Over the past 3 years I have been passionately involved in the students union and last year I was elected to the role of sports officer. In my role I have worked hard and brought a greater sense of team spirit in Lincoln this year. I achieved this through creating channels for the sports teams to come together to voice what they want from their Student Union and their union’s venues. An important part of my role was to support Hayley in the organisation and promotion of Varsity and help solve any problems that arose in both sports and societies. I have enjoyed making a difference in the students union this year and am incredibly passionate about utilising my organisational skills and knowledge of the S.U to bring you the best activities department Lincoln has experienced.

If elected I will create a more transparent activities department through increasing communication as students shouldn’t have to search for what’s happening in the union, I will make sure that information is brought to you! I will create more effective platforms for all students to be able to communicate with me about problems, ideas and solutions, most importantly a platform where you will be heard, listened to and where your opinions and ideas will be acted upon.

I know I would make a good VP activities officers as I have had an equal involvement in societies and sports clubs and have just as much interest in each sectors, I think it is vital to have an activities officer that is going to work equally hard for both and has detailed knowledge of separate areas so I will ensure that no club nor society ever feels forgotten. I want, NO I WILL make the University stand up and take notice of our incredible sports teams and the amazing things that our societies do as I don’t believe that currently the University truly understand what our sports and societies does for Lincoln University so, I will raise the profile of the sports and societies here at Lincoln and make them make us a priority.

If you choose me I won’t just disappear behind a desk, I want to implement more training for reception staff ensuring they have greater knowledge of the activity department therefore more issues can be dealt with immediately and you don’t have to wait too long for solutions.

My degree area of expertise lies in event planning and if elected I will bring to your social calendar bigger, better and a greater diversity of events, trips and activities to enhance your experience at University. I aim to increase the amount of sponsorship coming into the department to ensure there will never be a limit of opportunities for societies, sports and all students alike. I will also work tirelessly to increase voluntary opportunities to grow your experience to make you more employable

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