Manifesto: William Fry (VP Activities)

William Fry


My name is Will Fry. I’m currently president of Men’s Football, and Vice-President of Sports Committee. I have a large understanding of the workings of the activities department and spend lots of time working for you already in my free time.


• Do you find it difficult to get funding, or not competing in BUCS?
• Do you feel there’s not enough support from your activities department?
• Would you agree the facilities need improving?
• Do you never know how other sports teams have done?
• Do you want to play sport, but find trials a barrier?

Having been president of Men’s football for 2 years I know where you’re coming from; which is why I pledge the following for sports teams here at Lincoln:

• Offer more support to committees to find sponsorship: I achieved £2000 for football this year; you can do this too with my help.
• Start a petition to present to the university for improved sport facilities – this is important for all students.
• I will improve coverage of results and fixtures – we should all be proud of Lincoln’s performance.


• Would you like to have more interaction with other universities?
• Would you like to see Lincoln put on landmark events, setting a benchmark for universities nationwide?
• Do you too feel a financial strain?
• Do you want to be free to use your money as you please?

Despite being from a sporting background, I can empathise with issues you have. It’s important that every society feels they are treated equally and fairly. I will:

• Set up inter-university competitions, increasing links between universities.
• Hold events never seen before, getting everyone involved and being used as fundraisers.
• Using my knowledge of attracting sponsorship and running fundraisers to help societies bring increased funds!
• Work for fewer restrictions on what money can be used on, giving you freedom rather than being limited by bureaucracy.


• Do you find you never see your VP Activities?
• Do you feel that building links with local sports teams and other organisations would benefit your Activity?
• Do you want more of a say on how your problems are solved?
• Would you be interested in intra-society Activities?

I’m definitely not an office person, so won’t be hiding behind a computer screen and desk. I’ll be out there in the field, watching your success first hand; dealing with problems face to face. Restoring faith in your activities department.

• Being out and about, meeting as many people as I can, and offering all of you the personal service I feel we should get from our sabbatical officers.
• Troubleshooting sessions: you come up with solutions, I help to implement them. It’s no good me deciding what you want, it needs to come from you.
• I’ve got multiple contacts in the community which would benefit others.
• Set up various sports competitions between societies with league tables, for enjoyment without the pressure of BUCS.

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