The Top Three Independent Coffee Shops in Lincoln  

Written by Catherine Jones.

Coffee is great and as students we all tend to rely on it at times – especially when hungover or knackered and are needing that extra caffeine rush. However, sometimes all you want coffee for is to enjoy a nice hot beverage.

A barista at Coffee Aroma in Lincoln.  Photo: Samuel Cox

So, because coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero can become overrated, overpriced and all the same here at The Linc is a list of the top three independent coffee shops who produce beverages to be proud of.

Coffee Aroma, 24 Guildhall Street

The Guardian hailed it as ‘One of the best 10 coffee shops in the UK’. Spread over three cosy floors, Coffee Aroma has a homely and relaxed vibe. It has taken inspiration from the now cult Post Secret, exchanging the web for the wall- you are invited to take a piece of paper from the stack and anonymously drop your ‘secret’ into the letter box, ready to be plucked and put on the wall amongst the other confessions and witticisms. Makes for amusing reading material whilst you sip your coffee.

They boast a large selection of single origin filter coffees, as well the usual espresso based drinks. I paid £4.50, which for filter coffee is pricey, but it was worth it. Although I did notice their ‘Italian Breakfast’ served everyday till noon, in which you get an espresso, cappuccino or latte and a croissant or muffin for the grand total of £3.00. They also serve international beers and spirits.

Café Portico, The Terrace, Grantham Street

An Italian café situated right next to The Usher Gallery and The Collection, so you can get your art fix as well as your caffeine. It boasts regular live music events and a wide selection of food, which is given just as much importance as food. You will not find any lattes here, because Italians do not drink them (In Italy, it is frowned upon to have milk in your coffee after 12pm) so this place is for the espresso lovers.

The Angel Coffee House, Free School Lane

This quirky little place is a converted church vestry, just opposite the Library. It is pretty lively and is good for discovering any cultural happenings in Lincoln- just peruse the many posters and flyers. Its student budget friendly too; most coffees are under £2.  They aim to be the “friendliest independent coffee shop in town”. This was confirmed when I realised I did not have time to sit down and eat my scone, and the waitress said that it was no problem for her to butter it and put it in a bag for me to take away.






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