Three in five East Midlands workers are unhappy

If you’re enjoying your part time job while at university, you’re very much in the minority – a new survey has revealed that workers in the East Midlands are the second most unhappy in the country.

Sixty percent – or three in every five – of East Midlands workers said they were dissatisfied with their pay, according to research commissioned for job search engine Adzuna.

The figure was beaten only by those in the East of England, where 62% are unhappy with the money they receive at the end of the month; while nationally, just 3% of people are happy with their current pay level.

Retail workers were the most displeased industry, where almost two thirds feel dissatisfied. On top of that, the majority of retail workers added that they didn’t expect any future salary increases.

Your lecturers might not be having the best of times either, with half of workers in the education sector saying they also weren’t satisfied with their pay rate.

On a lighter note, the country’s consultants are really enjoying themselves, with four fifths experiencing that elusive pay satisfaction. Close behind them are more than half of the nation’s manufacturers, computer specialists, and charity workers, who were all largely happy with their salary.

It could also be bad news for law students as, surprisingly, lawyers reported the second highest rates of dissatisfaction, although were much more optimistic about salary rises than their cousins in retail.

1,000 workers in the UK across more than 30 industries and 12 UK regions were surveyed. You can find more on the survey here.

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