Video: Tom Miller reveals he asked to go out on loan

Lincoln City defender Tom Miller revealed he asked manager Chris Moyses if he could go out on loan in an attempt to prove his match fitness.

The 24-year-old has suffered from a lack of playing time in recent weeks as he returned from injury and that has left him frustrated and questioning what is right for his career.

“I’ve been here a while so obviously I want to see Lincoln do well. I love the club and I love the people around the club.”

“But then I have got to take into consideration myself. The longer that I am not playing, the less chance I have of progressing.”

“At the end of the day, it is my living. If I didn’t have football I wouldn’t be able to survive financially-wise so it is quite an important thing.”

“If I am not playing at the end of the season I could not get a club or go to a different club where I am earning less money and therefore I can’t afford to pay mortgages and stuff like that.”

Miller admitted himself that he had been guilty of over-thinking things whilst he was on the sidelines injured and that he just wanted to be back involved.

“I find when you are injured you do over-think things a lot and I have over-thought things a bit this time.

“Not being back involved when I felt like I wanted to be it made me look at things differently.”

The frustration made Miller ask his manager for a loan move but Moyses was quick to shut the door on that idea.

“I spoke to Moysey this week, I spoke about maybe going out on loan and getting some games.”

“I had opportunities to do that but he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want me to go out on loan and he wants me to play.”

“I wasn’t sure where I stood here so that’s why I did that.”

“I felt that if I was being left out of the squad it was because he didn’t think I was fit so going out on loan would have helped that.”

“He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want me to go out on loan so I’ve just got to get my head down and hopefully win my place back and see what happens at the end of the season.”

Miller intends to get his head down and win his place back at Lincoln City

Miller intends to get his head down and win his place back at Lincoln City

Miller’s frustration stemmed from Moyses decision to leave him out of Saturday’s defeat at Bristol Rovers but claims their clear the air talks are healthy for their relationship and the club and hopes that he will be involved against Chester on Saturday.

“It is good (having a discussion). It can clash at times but it is not a bad thing as you know where you stand and the manager knows where you stand.”

“Last weekend I traveled down with the squad but didn’t get on the bench which was frustrating but I was fit so hopefully I can be involved this week.”

“I’d be frustrated if I wasn’t involved to be honest. I would probably voice that opinion again.”


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