Article 4 still up for consultation

Local legislation that would see restrictions imposed on the number of properties converted to student homes still has an uncertain future.

While the City of Lincoln Council decided to go down the route of an Article 4 Direction in December, a final public consultation period is currently ongoing until Friday 20 March.

To impose an Article 4 Direction, the city council must go through strict regulatory procedures on when the public are consulted. This will be the final consultation the proposal needs to clear so that plans go ahead to implement it on March 1 next year.

From that date onwards, developers would need to obtain planning permission before converting a standard home into an HMO (house of multiple occupancy).

The council is also looking into the possibility of developing a landlord accreditation scheme, which would certify those who kept their properties in good condition – an option preferred by the University of Lincoln Students’ Union.

John Latham, Director of Development and Environmental Services at City of Lincoln Council, said: “Last year the council carried out a public consultation asking people for their views on HMOs. When asked how the council could better manage HMOs the preferred option was through an Article 4 direction.

“This latest consultation is a major part of the process we need to go through to introduce the direction in Lincoln, and we are asking people to let us know their views on whether it should be implemented or not.

“We would urge everyone to take part – whether you would be affected by the legislation or not, this is an opportunity to let us know what you think.”

To take part in the consultation, you can email or send a letter to Article 4 direction, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DD before this Friday (20 March) at 5pm.

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